WTF has Quantum Computing got to do with ICOs and Blockchains

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WTF has Quantum Computing got to do with ICOs and Blockchains

Yes, I’m back and yes, I’m going to write some lines about what I said I would write about, so I suppose my mind still works as our home-based computers; 1 is 1 and 0 is 0. If you’re a bit clueless on what I’m talking about you might understand if you read my last post, WTF is this subatomic state of Quantum?, if you want, if not let’s continue.

ICO or Initial Coin Offering and Blockchain, isn’t something new, to put it in simple language, it was the software and hardware that supported and supports the Cryptocurrency. Such implementation is not my desire to explain here.

I’ll just say that through the ability to create a system where a certain amount of nodes (people) came to a consensus, is how this new currency was born. By this consensus, nodes accept the structure in which the cryptocurrency is processed and transferred. A timeline that provides to all the parties total view + control = -third party’s %, and this is applied through a system called Blockchain.   

Quantum Computing & ICO Blockchain, … “WTF!

The potential of QCing is still difficult to perceive, but one thing is for certain, once it becomes mainstream at high levels of the Industry (IIoT), life will be a bit like “w’aa da f*k!”.

At present IBM and Microsoft are investing time, resources and budget on applying QCs to the company. The ICOs that work through blockchains and smart contracts, at present, are under the encrypted technology of home-based computers. They rely on the amount of time it will take for a hacker to endanger the system. It’s not worthwhile. QCs on the other hand could crack the system in no time. This is a BIG problem! Not just for ICOs and the blockchain’s security.

Fortunately enough, this will not happen tomorrow. But what can happen tomorrow or now, is that you get to see the bigger picture and how there are companies trying to implement QCs into the Blockchain and thus ICOs.

Acquiring this type of technology and being able to apply it to ICOs and the Blockchain where it will coexist, is a huge stepping stone. Primarily, it will solve the problem of quantum security, this is due to the ability of Quantum particle entanglement. A state of superposition of 1s & 0s, that holds in its nature the ability to keep the ‘switch’ in constant open↔closed position. It will only change once the command is sent.

An unhackable system due to its own nature, that provides an environment where many institutions, businesses and charity groups would feel at home. Servicing for them, safety, speediness, openness and a community consensus, where the macro and micro signing can coexist and thus be truly decentralized.   

Are you a Cryptocurrency investor?

If you are, I hope this doesn’t come new to you and you’re well informed of all the comings and goings of the Cryptocurrency lifespan! You never know, maybe in less time than expected QCs are driving the leading seat in the cryptocurrency market. It will be a big game changer for everybody, a revolution like “w’aa da f*k!”. Cryptocurrency goes hand in hand with ICOs and Blockchain but there’s a new player on the pitch and it’s damn good! It’s called QCing.

W’aa da f*k!” It does have a lot to do with ICOs + Blockchains = Cryptocurrency. The advancements that QCs bring to society are yet to be seen.They will provide a way of changing the functioning of the centralized society and give tools to decentralize.

Servicing a quick and steady processing of data, reducing the time span of the consensus, which in practical terms signifies the beginning of cryptocurrency becoming a real new force in the minting process. You’ll, in time, be able to buy a coffee with crypto-cash and not have to wait an eternity and more for the approval. Kind of cool! Right?

Not a Cryptocurrency investor?  

For those who are not aware of the functioning of the cryptocurrency, one of the main and basic pillars of its existence, is the fact of decentralizing. Thus eliminating the forced upon %s by centralized institutions.

As mentioned above, QCs have real potential of becoming BIG game changers, in the ICOs and Blockchain. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Quantum. It’s like a Swiss knife, multifunctional. Used in war and peace, injury and healing or production and commerce.

If you liked these lines and felt they were resourceful and useful, please let me know (just like or share), in my next lines I’m planning on writing about…I don’t know, things move so fast in the surrealistic quantum state. Who knows what will, tomorrow bring.

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