WTF are Qubits? Who cares, I wanna know WTF are Qudits?!

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Yep! I’m back again, this Quantum state moves too fast for my encrypted mind. I’ve just come to terms with Qubits and, and, and…and now the Qudits!! I mean, grasping the concept of the Qubit was already mind-blowing:

If two qubits are quantum-mechanically linked, or entangled, they can help perform four calculations simultaneously; three qubits, eight calculations; and so on. As a result, a quantum computer with 300 qubits could perform more calculations in an instant than there are atoms in the known universe…”. [1]

It could be perfectly reasonable to accept the power of the Qubit to be labelled as MINDBLOWING. For those who agree with me, hold-on tight because scientists have proven the possibility of transforming qubits into Qudits. It’s not my plan to try to explain how this manipulation takes places. I still have to come to terms with the Qubits.

WTF are Qudits?!

As mentioned above I’m not going to explain to you the process taken by scientists to achieve this mindboggoling Qudit. There are quite a lot of articles on the subject:

Specifically, the realization of high-dimensional states (D-level quantum systems, that is, qudits, with D > 2)[2]

You can read the rest. Qudits are different to qubits or let’s say better, because they don’t have a restriction of two calculations, qubits do, as we know from the example presented above. Quadits can have up to TEN dimensions superpositioned, so if 2 qudits are quantum-mechanically linked or entangled, they can help perform 100 calculations simultaneously. ONE hundred calculations simultaneously!

If “300 qubits can perform more calculations in an instant than there are atoms in the known universe…” wtf can 300 qudits calculate in an instant. The length and diameter of the whole universe?!

With such amazing and unbelievable speeds, and the real possibility of applying this technology into mainstream society. Life in ALL its forms is going to shift and move towards this Quantum technological revolution.

One of the main driving forces in Quantum Computing – Cryptocurrency

Yep it’s a capitalist world and money still rules. Virtual money, that is! At least up to now, Quantum qudits can present a total new ballgame. Quantum Computers (QCs) will be so powerful that, present encrypted based computers, will be defenseless against a QC attack. The solution is adding Quantum system into the creation of a new breed of blockchains, totally decentralized + safe Autobahnen. [3]

The results of such technology in practical terms, for the crypto investor, is the fact that the virtual currency can become as practical or even more practical than traditional minting. Your day to day life can work on cryptocurrency, basic amenities, like petrol, food or online shopping will accept virtual currency. Basically due to the fast and safe process, but, let’s not forget the elimination of high % costs from third parties (centralized).

If you liked these lines and felt they were resourceful and useful, please let me know (just like or share), in my next lines I’m planning on writing about…yep I don’t know! I do know that I’ll write in a more serious and compromising tone.  


[2] [shared copy]

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