Will the QCoin supply be finite or infinite?

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It is a good question,

it is finite but the incentive to run nodes is what adds to the supply and that incentive is planned for a time frame of 1500 years and is 14M new minted QCoins per year.

So for the next 10 to 15 generations, the amount can be seen as infinite.


So why have we chosen this insanely long incentive period?


Well, one of the problems with creating a balanced service platform on the internet is that some areas will always be over-utilized and others underutilized, so by using minting incentives, we can direct node payouts to areas where more nodes are needed and thereby keep the platform balanced.

The risk of becoming an Urban Only platform exists, where nodes are clustered around big cities so the platform becomes unbalanced in the sense that it works great in one area but not at all or badly in another, so it is important to negate that risk by having incentives available for balancing.


If transactions ever go up to over 6000 per second (Ethereum do a maximum of 20) the incentive minting will start to go up, to keep the platform balanced and negate risks of node clustering.

The highest minting rate happens at the insane rate of 100000 or more transactions per second, so if each block over a year contains that amount of transactions, the maximum incentive of 500M QCoins is minted.



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