Will Quantum1Net Revolutionise The Internet?

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If you read the headline, you might be thinking, how could this even be possible. But Quantum1Net will most likely be the change that will transform the way we do transactions in the online world. But in between so many new projects built on the blockchain, will Quantum1Net revolutionse the Internet?

What is Quantum1Net?

Before talking about whether it will manage to revolutionise the online world we live in, let’s firstly talk about what is Quantum1Net. Quantum1Net aims to be a P2P ecosystem built entirely on the blockchain, a safe and secure network for transactions and services. It will be powered by its own economy based on cryptocurrency and will use Qcoins. The really interesting and most appealing element about it is that instead of using proof-of-work, it uses proof-of-contributing-work to reward the support of the network. This means a fully autonomous, safe and scalable network.

An Internet Safe From Any Attacks Or Hackers

One of the focus points of the Quantum1Net is that it protects it from any attacks or hackers. To do so, it quantum-secures the storage of the data, the blocks themselves, and the transaction tunnels through which the data flows. If you’re wondering how this is going to be done, they are going to use quantum-secure elliptic curve cryptography. The blockchain in itself is going to be secured through layered hashing.

The QEKG has been developed in order to generate random numbers that will lead to encryption keys when there are at least two parties involved in the communication. The users will have no need in exchanging the public keys between them.

Will Quantum1Net Bring Major Changes To The Internet?

The rise of ICOs, cryptocurrencies and an overall enthusiasm for all these new possibilites has also come with a lot of questions. One of the biggest goals for Quantum1Net is to  create the world’s biggest decentralized service platform. It also is to bring everything together under one secure roof that won’t fall under heavy rains. That means the changes they are going to implement, from the way coins are created, to the way users store their data, and how transactions are made, are going to be major changes to the Internet as we know it. Perfectly instrumented and calculated, the network will anticipate needs, and improve all the digital services already existent.

Quantum1Net may be the new future, so make sure to see what Qcoins are all about and stay tuned for more information on our channels.


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