Why get in to QUANTUM1NET minting?

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What is Minting?

Let us look at this and clarify, Minting is the incentivizing system for people to run Quantum1Net Nodes, the Nodes that do the distributed work, just like the Bitcoin mining is meant to do.

So what would be my motivator to get in on this minting thing?

Well, you earn by sharing your unused resources, let’s say for example that you have a 30 Mbit Internet connection that you don’t use at night or when you are out, why not set up a Node and earn from that downtime, all earnings are based on shared data and uptime.

Here is a small break down of the earnings potential, the maximum minted coins in a year is 500M and the total cap is 21B so if the network would be running full from day one, all coins would be fully minted in 42 years, 2018+42 = 2060, of course, though we will not see the -Coin fully minted for years too come as that requires 100,000 Transactions Per Second every second of a full year.

At the beginning we will have a low amount of transactions, we have added a BaseMint value of 10 Coins per Block, so every minute there are 30 Coins being Minted so that running a Node early is still worth it.

So to incentivize the initial deployment of nodes, the dataTransfer Value, serviceFee Value is added to the baseMint value and distributed to the Node Holders through the -Coin Minting.

Full White Paper: https://quantum1net.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/quantum1net-blockchain-overview.pdf


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