What’s the single biggest benefit that digital transformation can have for private users?

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What’s the single biggest benefit that digital transformation can have for private users?

At present we are going through some important changes in the digital industry, that will affect most areas of the online network. One of the major discoveries has been Quantum. This dimension has brought great problems, but at the same time great solutions. Focusing on private users, we can perceive huge issues when it comes to privacy and security and these are the basis for having a healthy online network. Therefore the single biggest benefit that digital transformation can have for private users is to become Quantum Safe.

Benefits of the digital transformation

The digital transformation has become a www (world wide web) reality and it gave birth to uncountable litters: social media, blogs, forums, search engines, emails, mobiles, websites, chats, video-conferencing, e-commerce, etc. The www is connected through what we know as Internet, this includes billions of computers, people, servers, devices, and objects that are interconnected and combined into one giant network globally without a single center, the Internet of Everything “IoE”. This massive web is a universal network of networks that exists physically, in the form of wires, links, and connections joining all the devices, objects, people, and computers in a global network system thought of as the World Wide Web.

Among other benefits, one of the most important at all levels of the Internet industry, is the possibility of servicing 24/7 and at a worldwide scale. Such a scope-range can be very welcoming and profitable. The problem as mentioned above, the IoE is immense. So how can one stand-out from the rest? Well, it’s quite complicated and without a budget, practically impossible. Following are some figures on what happens in the Internet in 1 minute:

  1. Whatsapp – 29M messages processed
  2. Facebook – 243K photos uploaded
  3. YouTube – +400 hours of videos uploaded
  4. Linkedin – 120 new accounts created
  5. Skype – +2M minutes of calls done
  6. Twitter – 350K tweets sent
  7. E@mails – 156M sent

The above are just seven figures corresponding to seven Internet litters. If you want to know more about these figures you can Go-globe.com and you can check-on the latest update.

As you have already by now observed, the amount of action that goes on online is quite frankly mind-boggling. Therefore, to venture on an e-commerce isn’t as easy as it may initially seem. Private users are in the same situation, surfing the net trying to find the best and the most reliable information, in the least time possible. A task not easy to act on, due to the amounts of data that circulates via the wires, links and connections and into the peoples devices (Nodes).

Quantum Safe Basics Explained

“…spooky action at a distance…” A. Einstein on Quantum Physics, BBVA Open Mind

Having reached quantum dimensions in the digital technology, puts an expiry date to what we know as the Bit Computers (BC). The possibility of building smaller and smaller transistors is no longer possible. Quantum dimension, produces ‘spooky’ things to Bits, in the sense that if a transistor is supposed to be a 1, in the 0s and 1s static sequence that computers work on, in quantum dimension the 1 can change to a 0.

What does this mean? In simple terms, it’s a danger to the privacy and security of BCs. Even more now, that Quantum Computers (QCs) are starting to evolve and function. Once Quantum Computers are well established in the world market, users without Quantum Safe services; might as well disconnect.

Private Users without Quantum Safe service; better disconnect??

Yes, QCs are far more powerful than BCs. Due to Quantum dimensions the Quabit follows the same process as the Bit but it doesn’t have a statical sequence. Thus, a qubit can be a 0 or a 1 simultaneously and will only be a 0 or a 1, when the command is sent.    

To translate this to a physical and understandable environment picture this problem. A circled word has been placed in a book, inside a library that holds 50M books and you have five minutes to find this circled word. To solve this enigma, a human would need 50 lifetimes and a BC 5 lifetimes, these figures aren’t exact, the point is that there would be no point for a human or a BC to try and resolve this conundrum. A QC would take approximately 5 mins to work this problem out! This is the extent and power of Quantum Computers.

Companies like IBM are developing Quantum Computers, these are still not powerful enough to start to present them to the market, but it’s going strong.

Definition of VPN & DPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), at present is one of the best options to keep your online identity private and secure. While these can hide your IP address and provide ‘secure’ payments, VPNs lack the possibility of adding Quantum Safe services and are centralized networks. Thus, there are physical tracks that can be, if desired, tracked down.

Private users need to ensure not only their present online security. As the statistics show, the IoE is growing and will continue to grow. Therefore the need to be connected will also continue to grow as will the need to have secure and private connections. So in this picture QCs isn’t such a far fetched idea!

The future of online security directs us to Quantum Safe systems that do not have an expiry date. Distributed Private Network (DPN) essentially aims to address the following issues:

  1. No one should have access to your data: all data should be transmitted directly between sender and receiver and should be only stored on your local devices or your local data center.
  2. When visiting various sites or while using various programs installed on your computer, it will be impossible to collect and send curtail marketing information about your Internet activity or browsing history.
  3. Enable you to take online privacy into your own hands and under your own control to protect your anonymity.
  4. Make you invisible to Bots, Viruses, Trojans and hackers, which inhabit the Internet. They simply cannot attack you, because you do not “exist” for them. Even feel safe, when you connect to the Internet via an open Wi-Fi network in the airport, coffee shop or any other public place.
  5. Prevent attackers from gaining access to everything stored on your computer (e.g., important passwords, etc.)
  6. Ensure that any online session, such as communication with your banking site or money transfer is safe and secure.

The above points address vital aspects of networking systems that affect all industries, safety, agility, flexibility and innovation should be sought after by companies. In this sense the DPN system provides such qualities.


Providing secure and private networking is a crucial service for banks. The implications of corruption inside the banking industry have recent reminiscence. Acquiring such a digital transformation can have incredible benefits for private users.

DPN offers the users a safe, silent and fast internet connection, without fear of QCs. Such a security makes your connections P2P possible, leaving no trace on the net to track your buying patterns or registration data. Technologies like these are built on the concept of Blockchain and has been in more recent years adopted by the creator/s of cryptocurrencies.

These are a few of the benefits that give a Quantum Safe service like the DPN giving it the projection and a great starting point to become the single biggest benefit that digital transformation can have for private users. Security is always in the minds of the private user, there are many users that have cryptocurrencies. Many have been hacked and lost many coins. Others trade vital information that can cost $$$ if not secured. We all have more contact with the IoT and the IoE. We buy, we search, we contact, we interact and we comment more and more through the generations.

Whether private users like it or not, the future is changing our lives extremely fast and there is very little we can do to stop it. What private users can do is try to keep their online identity as anonymous and secure as possible. The DPN is bringing the future of internet security to private users today!

Become Quantum Safe while you surf the web, pre-order your access to DPN service, https://quantum1net.com/services/dpn/ and join the future of the internet today!

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