What’s Been Going On at Quantum1Net… DezComp (Decentralized Computing) Added To Q1N

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So you may be wondering what has been going on here at Quantum1Net over the past 200+ days. Why has there been no posts and no updates regarding the Q1N network and service platform? Quite a lot actually. Firstly, the website has been entirely redone and is inline with what Q1N is offering and we’ve been focusing primarily on our Twitter channel for updates. Secondly, is the first of the major updates and improvements that have taken months of man hours and planning for implementation. That first thing we want to reach out to the Reddit world regarding new services on the platform today is the second service that is planned to be released on Quantum1Net that we’re calling “DezComp” or “Decentralized Computing”. It will be released approximately 6 months after the initial DPN (the VPN replacer) service goes live. So what is DezComp?

As you may know, computing services such as AWS, Google, Microsoft and others, are centralized service platforms that offer computing at high costs. There is risk for being hacked on any centralized network and also the costs are unsustainable for many startup companies and founders. Decentralizing this sort of computing creates a more secure network without the same risks of losing your data or having vital information stolen or corrupted, this is the first aspect that is incredibly important.

“DezComp” provides cloud/computing services through a “shared economy”. A simple way to think about this in another realm that we are all familiar with is AirBnB. It used to be that if you were a traveler (whether for business or pleasure), you were trapped to the availability and locations of hotels and other large centralized businesses offering accomodations. Meaning you had no way out of this narrow location selection and also you were paying your money to large companies. AirBnB took away this real estate from the large hotel corporations and gave it back to the people via the shared economy.

Decentralized computing on Quantum1Net is the same concept in computing power. Where AirBnB hosts could offer their apartments or rooms to offset costs and even make money when they were away or traveling, decentralized computing does the same thing. For example, let’s say that you are a startup company and use AWS for your computing service platform. If you’re evaluation is $3 million and you are paying AWS $300,000 a year, that is 10% of your equity going straight into one of the largest corporations on the planet.

With DezComp on Q1N, the same startup could offer their unused computing power back into the network to offset the costs and create more sustainable growth as the costs spent outwards for computing power is diminished or eliminated entirely. This allows startups to help themselves fund themselves and stop spending vast amounts of equity just to run tests each month.

This is the powerful concept behind our decentralized computing platform (DezComp) that companies can utilize as not only a safer computing system, but also as a way to offset the large costs that go with building an entire organization from the ground up.

This is the first major update to the Quantum1Net service platform that we will mention today. There is also more, as over 200+ days behind the scenes has seen incredible innovation and updating to the growth potential and viability of Q1N’s open source and autonomous scaling platform, not to mention the quantum hacking safe aspect that all of the services and the network runs on. Stay tuned for more updates very soon as we approach the test net phase going live.

Quantum1Net Updated Services

Quantum1Net Updated Services

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