What is with the BitTorrent thing ?

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Why did Vitalik talk well of BitTorrent before it was Tokenized?

Is this just an Ethereum vs Tron thing? 

I was really confused when reading about the BitTorrent token as BitTorrent is an open protocol that was released 2 of July 2001, and even Brave has included in the browser, so after some research I realize that Tron Foundation, has acquired BitTorrent Inc so they own the brand BitTorrent Inc, of course, the brand BitTorrent Inc is not the protocol BitTorrent, and in that lays the confusion. It is a bit like when Tron was announced and I wondered about how Disney would react to that blatant disregard of copyright and branding, taking a name from a movie about a Digital world for a CryptoCurrency, is in one way smart as you gain publicity without working for it, but at the same time I thought it felt really gimmicky, so I’m surprised that they survived this long, anyway back to BitTorrent.

So if BitTorrent Inc does not own the BitTorrent protocol, what then did Tron acquire and are basing their BTT token on? Bram and Ashwin of BitTorrent Inc have generated most of their income from uTorrent, a popular BitTorrent client, popular but still just one of many. BitTorrent Inc has also tried a lot of other things in P2P, like BitTorrent Live, a Live internet broadcast system, but basically, it has been the uTorrent client that has worked for them.

So what does this mean for the “Tokenization” of BitTorrent that has been promoted, well it doesn’t exist? 

The only thing tokenized is the uTorrent client that has changed name to BitTorrent NOW, has to have been the sharpest marketing brains behind that rebrand :), so with the rebrand and the tokenization of the BitTorrent client you get a pay version of a P2P file downloader that has existed for a long time, “powered by the people”.   There is this quote “BitTorrent Inc. has obtained a number of licenses from Hollywood studios for distributing popular content from their websites” so possibly there is some kind of plan to compete with Netflix, but if that is the case it is really unclear how that would work, and what kind of licenses and from websites?  


So all cred to the BitTorrent protocol, just like Vitalik once pointed out, it is one of the most deployed P2P protocols in the world, but it is still not the same as BitTorrent Inc.

So just as Tron feels like a gimmicky name, buying BitTorrent Inc and to do an ICO based on the brand feels very gimmicky, especially as the distinction between the company BitTorrent and the protocol BitTorrent seems to have been purposely been muddled in the messaging about the ICO. 

And BitTorrent the protocol can run over the TOR network, it is frowned upon as takes a lot of space on the exit and relaying Nodes, but it works now and will work in the future, without Tron, and without any BTT tokens. 

And BitTorrent will run over Quantum1Net’s DPN, where you will be anonymous and the data will be Quantum Safe and protected from probing eyes. 

WIKI LINK BITORRENT PROTOCOL => https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent

WIKI LINK BITTORRENT INC => https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_(company)


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