WTF is this subatomic state of Quantum?

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WTF is this fukin’ subatomic state of Quantum?

I’m really sorry to say, (well not really sorry, well, yes, really sorry and at the same time, just sorry, I can also be not sorry at all and a little bit sorry), that those were the words that came to me to construct the consensus of the question. Why so indecisive with my feelings? Well, let’s just say I have quantum feelings.

Quantum feelings

To bring to you in a very clear way, at least through my mind, the practical action that is going on in this subatomic state. We can perceive it as when you’re in a mixed feeling situation, e.g. Two teams that you have feelings for, play against each other. Such a moment creates in your emotions a state of superposition – happy ↔ sad.

You are capable of coexisting with these feelings simultaneously, as many of us do…well, I hope everyone does; mainly for the well being of the whole ecosystem called the World, Planet Earth, Blue Planet, etc., in any case let’s go back to the subject…  

This capability of being able to continue with your existence in a superposition of feelings, is one of the main functions of Quantum. When this subatomic state is investigated, things start to get weird, as our feelings!

Quantum Computers

A good example to understand this concept, is through computers. Our present home-based computers are all very good and have been a great advancement in everyday life, some may say for worse others for the better, but that’s another debate. For some time now, the creation of Quantum Computers (QCs) has been in the oven and it seems things are moving along in a swift manner.

The principle of QCs, lies in the capability of superposition of 1s and 0s, unlike our PCs or laptops, that work under a strict 1s and 0s combination. Such capability by QCs, provides them with an infrastructure where data, of practically any type, can be transferred through a quick and safe path.

So you can see how this f*king subatomic state can become a new revolutionary instrument, a future time now, where the best of today’s computers will be obsolete. The superposition or entanglement of particles in quantum state can provide improvements of all sorts.

The basic principle is the way in which the particles interact. This interaction results in a much faster data transfer across a safe highway, road, secondary road, path or track.   

How the f*k is that going to help me!

No! It won’t force you to buy a QC in a couple of years. What will surely be probable is, as in revolutionary timelines is; the lifeline goes from creators, to big businesses, governmental institutions and then it becomes mainstream. So we’re probably talking about decades before QCs are in our homes.

While we wait for this to happen, these big boss men will start using the technology, as will the governments and this will have an effect on our everyday lives. Surprisingly enough our lives can be improved in a social scale and economical scale. Basics as:

These are some of the f*k things that will be helping ME in the near future, in my everyday life. So as said at the beginning I’ve got the Quantum Feelings in my bones, so I don’t f*king care about my words, although I do care and a lot, maybe I really don’t care that much, I do care, no I don’t, just a touch… F*king subatomic Quantum State, I can’t handle my f*king feelings, and now I have to deal with QCs and their superposition of f*king 1s and 0s.

Anyway, if you liked these lines and felt they were resourceful and useful, please let me know (just like or share), in my next lines I’m planning on writing about what the f*k has QCing got to do with f*kin’ ICOs and Blockchains, you never know I might change my mind and write about something else…you know I’m in a superposition of feelings; which to tell you the truth is a f*kin’ amazing feeling.

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