VPN on steroids!

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Net neutrality and deep packet inspection is a thing, so how can we keep ourselves free online.


An Autonomous Decentralized Overlay Networks is takedown resistant by having no centralized point, and as the services in an Overlay can be made to look like normal Internet traffic there is no chance for ISPs to identify what service you are using and can therefore not throttle it.

Check it out here https://q1n.quantum1net.com/Qcoin/

Quantum1Net has started taking pre-orders 

  • Anonymous on the Network in similar way to TOR 
  • Open Source 
  • Decentralized so no centralized point to listen on to 
  • Keys generated on the fly on the device 
  • Self encrypted data with the one time keys
  • No master key in existence
  • Anonymous use via crypto payments 
  • Decentralized Private Network

Video Link https://youtu.be/elVKUDtXmBk


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