Today is the last day of 90% discount on QCoins!

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Tomorrow the 90% discount ends


Get your QCoins here

The first round of bugs has been squashed and we are entering the public TestNet,

As we discussed in post Link discount is a belief system, and as we are now entering the second phase, the discount changes.

Download a Node set it up and transfer QCoins, why not set up two nodes with two wallets and transfer QCoins back and forth.

Test the data channel, write ‘help’ in the TestNet prompt to get the instructions.

You are diamond, we are Diamond, Quantum1Net is Diamond.



Quantum1Net™ delivers data protection and service management for the decentralized era. Quantum1Net™ Service Platform is built on a blockchain driven backbone and is offered as-a-Service; delivering globally accessible, infinitely scalable, completely autonomous, and with full quantum protected solutions.

Customers can drive down costs with 50 percent or more by freeing themselves from the burden of unnecessary hardware, capacity planning, and service management.

Quantum1Net’s patent-pending architecture transforms centralized services into decentralized, making it more open and accessible so customers can streamline governance, transparency, system access, improve cybersecurity with quantum protection, and gain critical insights to uncover opportunities and expedite decision making.

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