Three types of Crypto Investors.

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The classic cypherpunk belief person, resent the existing system, politically, economical and not too seldom the religious once, and sees Privacy as the key to freedom,

Cryptocurrency is not for trading but needs to become a usable currency, is a big mantra. Bought in early, will stay in forever. Not big on Token based ICO*’s, if the ICO* is really offering a new crypto coin and not just a token based of another Blockchain, then he is in.


The ICO* investor is genuinely interested in what product is being offered, they think more in a crowdfunding way, so they invest in things that interest them, crypto in this sense being an alternative to Kickstarter and similar.

Cryptocurrency is here a way for non accredited investors to a possibility to invest and change their future, something that is not possible in the normal startup scene. Non-accredited investors have been left out of any possibilities to support projects they like until the emerge of the ICO*.


The Crypto Trader, the “When moon”, needs a Lambo, guy, they are not picky, they invest after how fast they can sell.

They are like DayTraders on speed, nothing is fast enough, they invented sayings like “crypto never sleeps” makes memes and talk about green candles. They are your Gordon Geeko wannabes, and they listen to John McAffe. They buy into “ICO”s that shows when and where they will be listed, and are ready to dump their holdings at a moments notice.


How to reach the different types I have no clear idea about, but the assumption is that depending on how you shape your message you will attract one or the other.


*ICO = Any offering to buy a Cryptocurrency that is in a Development phase and not yet on an exchange ( ICO, STO, ITO, Crypto Crowdfunding,  )


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