The ‘Space’ between – the future of space exploration with Q1N

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Quantum1Net’s services in the future of space exploration. A Possible Glimpse into the future? 

It is said “tomorrow never comes.”

We obsess over our tomorrow, the future. Which is always one tomorrow away. A future crafted and perfected by machineries, sheer innovation and pushed by our curiosity – or maybe not? Quantum1Net’s services in the future of exploration might change this.

Our curiosity, sustained by scientific research, has proven that the earth is not flat and that our individual identities can be reduced to a mere metric of numbers inside another hierarchy of numbers. Other discoveries and developments, have made us realize that the moon is just a reachable distance.

A journey some of us knew only too well in the realms of our imagination. It seems that above all our curiosities, the obsession of a sustainable future in Space beats the rest. That vast expanse of gleaming light and contrasting blackness lures our minds. It draws out, sooner or later, the artist, poet and scientists lurking within ourselves. Which is probably the reason we see Space as a mind blowing phenomenon. A phenomenon marked by staggering figures, for instance the jaw dropping number of years it takes to cross our milky-way.  

A journey calculated to go on for several thousand years, at the speed of light! Where one light second is estimated to cover 186,000 miles (300,000 kilometers). This means traveling through our milky-way, through its 100 to 400 billion stars, could go on for as long as 100,000 light-years; as NASA revealed.

So what does it take to explore the enormity of space?

Are we already in a ‘time’ with the right technology to explore Space? Jeff Bezo, Amazon and Blue Origin founder thinks this is the right time to begin. He not only thinks it is the right time for Space exploration, but also a time to start considering the possibility of living outside of Earth. As a result, he has proposed a brilliant concept for a self-sustaining habitat gravitating in space within the proximity to earth.

Using Machine learning Algorithms, Bezo’s Blue Origin developed a moon explorer named Blue Moon. It is designed to arrive on its lunar destination with 100% precision and other aligned precisions. All thanks to the newly implemented algorithm.

Blue Moon will herald the next human visit to the moon, proposed to happen in 2024. Now we ponder… “Just maybe Blue Moon Explorer will find a man on the moon, and the self-sustaining habitat would become a tangible idea. Ushering us into a future where we can simply light-waltz towards plenty “Earth-like” worlds beyond our solar system. Just maybe…

This is not far from being achievable based on the capacities of today’s technologies.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of things, Blockchain, Quantum computers, are some of the technologies that are already here as a work in progress. Further, these technologies are creating the tools for, the possibility of a larger than life reality; become a reality.

The team at Quantum1Net are aiming to leverage with its Blockchain based, Quantum Encryption Key Generator (QEKG), unprecedented security that will be utilized to secure its network. Opening new paths for a decentralized future of space exploration.

Quantum1Net services in space exploration

Having the QEKG as a secure shield. Quantum1Net’s Service Manifest (a service based on an agreed implementation on the blockchain), is ready to fuel an unprecedented speed into space exploration. Its Service Manifest along with Quantum1Net Yggdrasil Blockchain, enables the smart control of swarm robotics and their performances. Yes, you read that right! Swarm robotics – colony of robots for the exploration of Space Colonization.

The Yggdrasil Blockchain storage system along with its distributed consensus will act as a pipeline. To distribute tasks and autonomous decision making within the swarm of robots. Liberating them to securely achieve their purposes in their allocated zones. A solution that ensures each progress is time-stamped, stored and shared over the blockchain. Thereby keeping an immutable record of project information, e.g. Task execution, management and monitoring hardware functions.

Q1N’s decentralized solutions

Quantum1Net solutions are obviously ahead of the default centralized systems (where centralized robot swarms rely on a single robot as the group leader which might have a breakdown, sabotaging the whole expedition). Quantum1Net’s approach to space exploration will increase the much needed speed for examining vast terrains in neighboring planets. Certainly boosting the wave of forthcoming swarm robots to be unleashed into space. 

Quantum1Net’s services towards Space investigation is the beginning of something new. A sustenance for our penchant to discover and push for a variable future where anything is possible. Especially outside of Earth. Tomorrow may never come, but the future can be predicted and it is dotted with celestial bodies and the technology we build.  

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