The Server Mafia Trap can be broken.

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The centralization of the Internet is nowhere as tangible as in cloud and VPN services, the big cloud service providers are spending 10’s of Billions a year in marketing and hosts more than half of all web-services, and behind the thousands of VPN affiliates sales sites, there really just are four big players. 

By introducing an AirBnB model on unused resources, we can break out of the trap.

That young startup needs to sell equity just to host their products or services online, is insane, and how do we trust the VPN provides to not share and sell our data. 

The cloud and VPN business generate more the $30 Billion a year, an AirBnB model would start putting that money in our pockets instead of the mega-corporations.

The Internet is global and no fiat currency is, so the Internet Sharing Economy will be cryptocurrency based as it makes all the sense in the world. 

Quantum1Net will during 2019 start releasing the tools needed to break out of the centralization trap, and bring the new sharing economy to the world, such as our Decentralized Private Network.

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