The Quantum1Net Crowd Sale

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I probably should have done a post about this earlier, as it is confusing and that is my fault. As a dev people we believe that all information needed are in the White Papers and Specifications and we forget stuff, like explaining things πŸ™‚

So here we go, in the Quantum1Net crowd sale ( just like the Ethereum Crowd Sale in 2014 ) when you buy or get coins, they are stored off-chain in a secure DB and will be held there until the Root Block of the Blockchain is generated.Β  Yours, and everyone else that have off-chain coins will be a part of the Root Block. We also offer all coin holders a possibility to write a 140 char message into the Root Block.

As the MainNet goes live, your Q-Coins will be in your wallet, to spend on services, sell or trade.

Quantum1Net is a next-gen cryptocurrency service platform with its own developed blockchain and distributed functions that allows you to create any kind of embedded or decentralized service that you can imagine, hook in a web server, no problem, want to run a fully anonymous Twitter clone, no problem, anything that you can imagine can run as a service on Quantum1Net.

The Q Coin is the native coin of Quantum1Net the world’s premium:

Decentralized, Quantum Safe, Open Source, Crypto incentivized, Autonomous, Service Platform.

Any and all services on Quantum1Net can be paid for with Q Coins.

Any and all monetary transactions with Q Coins are free, P2P payments should and needs to be free, the income comes from the infrastructure, and makes it possible for Q Coin transactions to be free and stay free forever.


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