The Internet is at space level while computing is at ground level; why?

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Using earth resources to compute all data that is stored in space has become an unfruitful enterprise, because of the obvious limitations of Planet Earth. Mainly heat, reach, and power. An issue that a worldwide scientific community currently acknowledges, understanding it is taking a huge toll on our social well-being and subsequently on the environment.

An obvious example is the on-growing cloud service market and its suction of human and earth resources, to provide better and stabler services. A computing conundrum that is everyday clearer has very little lifespan within the ground level, and thus, a fresh approach must be taken into account. Which begs the questions – Why is the Internet at space level and the Computing counterpart at ground level.

If we look at it, the logical solution is to bring both to the same level, which is space, and to do this there is the possibility of actioning several innovations that can tackle the limitations the ground level offers. These are basically based on the decentralization of the Internet and the use of Blockchain technology, which offers scalability and sustainability.

Looking at each problem individually we can say that space solves the heat problem for the cloud service, as we are all well aware, the cloud computing fields are in a constant struggle to lower the temperature of the computing devices – space is a cold place averaging a -270ºC (-455ºF), so obviously the devices heating problem is not an issue.

Reach, which is linked to the heat problem, is another issue that can be resolved at a space level because it reduces drastically the number of devices needed to supply a worldwide market – 4,000 satellites create global reach. In contrast, at ground level, hyperscale facilities run within at least 10,000 square feet and accommodate over 5,000 servers.

As for the power constraints, at ground level, that need to support an ever-growing cloud service market, which at top levels, accommodate hyperscale data centers encompassing over 2.5 million square feet, which needs a humongous power input. At a space level, our star the Sun contributes a 24/7 365 days energy resource, without zero environmental footprint.

Structure-wise, innovative software stack offers heterogeneous communications that are key for satellite data centers, and as a result, scalability is all about compiling new builds because the protocols and features stay the same. All this compilation of services at a space level can be AI (Artificial Intelligence) optimized within peer-to-peer and a quantum-safe blockchain structure.

Last, but, not less important, the security issue, which has to be said is one of the major headaches that have slowed the cloud service market can be overcome by IP protected key solutions with Polymorphic encryption, decentralized autonomous computing, the aforementioned blockchain consensus and adding to it a neural net.

Another feature that needs to be considered is the economical input this transformation requires to reach a competitive level. An obstacle that has in digital twin technology a splendid solution by designing a satellite digital replica bringing significant cost and schedule benefits to spacecraft designers and operators. At the same time acting as a conduit to innovation, keeping the pace within an extremely fast-moving industry.

The solutions above are the foundations for the future of cloud service and the computing conundrum. It will provide to computing the next generation of computing at space level, and given the restrictions, the ground level has exposed, and its environmental footprint, as well as, social, the moving from earth to space is the most logical step.

About Quantum1Net

Quantum1Net is a research and development (R&D) Canary-Island based company dedicated to creating breakthrough technologies. It uses its resources as a research and development company to present secure, sustainable, scalable, and easy-to-use tech solutions. Being aware of the aforementioned issues, Quantum1Net is presenting the Space Cloud Stack based on an autonomous decentralized mesh solution set in space.

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