Quantum1Net helps organizations accelerate application deployment and delivery, with Quantum safe distributed technology.

By freeing our network from the underlying cables and wires, and being able to route data freely in our overlaying network we are not limited by the century-old protocols that rule the underlying Internet routing.


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  • Quantum Safety from Quantum Mechanics
  • Blockchain to incentivize distributed networking
  • Blockchain in Blockchain for Smart contracts made easy and effective


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The RSA cryptography platform is now 40 years old. While it has served well in securing the Internet and digital communications, its days are numbered due to the unyielding advance of Moore’s law and the emergence of quantum computing. Significant effort and resources are being employed by hackers to crack RSA and other forms of encryption.

The rise of quantum computing makes cracking RSA and various other forms of encryption feasible in the near future. Classical computers use binary bits, which have a value of either zero or one. Strings of these zeroes and ones translate into data, but the nature of the bit means only one calculation can be done at a time. However, with quantum computing, each quantum bit (called a qubit) can both be a zero and one at the same time. This difference means quantum computers can store vastly more data, and do many more calculations per second, making them perfect for code breaking applications.


The Quantum1Net Decentralized Service Platform has three distinct types of nodes: The Client Node, The Service Node, and The Relay Nodes

  • The Client Node is a wallet with an API, the entry point to the platform
  • The Service Node is where services interact with the platform
  • The Relay Nodes will try to set up direct connections between a client node and a service node but if that is not possible, the Relay Nodes in the Mesh will relay the data from the Client Node to the Service Node and back
Some examples:

A Client Node can work with any service through the API, so chat, web, email, banking, and social media apps can all intergrade with Quantum1Net to have faster delivery and be Quantum Safe. Service Nodes exist in two variants, one where the provider of the node gets paid the let any user on Quantum1Net “exit”, the platform through their node, and when a service provider pays the platform to have their service available for their users on Quantum1Net. The Relay Nodes makes up the core Mesh of the platform and provides the cloud functionality, the relay nodes also Mints Quantum1Coins for their owners, by achieving a level of “trust” in the Mesh, any owner of a Relay Node will start minting Quantum1Coins.


Share experiences and expertise with one of the largest, most passionate communities of people, partners, and developers, all brought together and driven by a common goal: making the Internet secure again.