Spiritual Blockchain

You know that doesn’t exist, don’t you?

Blockchain is a technology, so it is as far from spiritual as you can get.

Or is it?

Crystals are ordered connections highly ordered structure, that extends in all directions, the same way a network is connected, and a network resonates with the data transmitted, so you can that a network has a frequency, just like a crystal. 

And is not the Universe an autonomous network of planets, so with blockchain, transactions between people even online will always be closer to the universe than what any existing system can provide. 

So join us and take your Spiritual Being into the new age of finance and networking, and the universe will resonate with you. 

The mysterious magicians that created blockchain, did so only 10 years ago, and already has it changed so many things, but is this only the tip of the Iceberg, is there an underlying pattern or is it just evolution. 

The only way we can find the answers these questions is by joining in and becoming a part of the first cross-border, global, financial system that replicates the core of the universe and all that is in it. 

We are all apart of something bigger, broken apart, so let us join together and make a financial system that scales with us. Scales Borders, Scales the Planet, Scales the Universe.

So investing in blockchain is not just about investing in yourself but in the universe. 

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