• Deliver effortless post-trade clearing and settlement, in real time and across any device.
  • Build deeper relationships with brokers and customers using cross-border payments.
  • Trade finance, as it’s now done with fax machines and physical stamp on a piece of paper.
  • Create trusted systems for customer identification, to help your customers achieve their goals.
  • Streamline syndicated loan origination and process workflow.


  • Identification management, in real time and across any device.
  • Notarisation and time stamping, leave legacy systems and costly maintenance behind.
  • Issuance ownership and transfer, simplify, track and verify.
  • Digital asset chain of possession.
  • City and National utility reports, in real time and across any device.
  • Built as citizen-at-the-center solutions.


  • Direct connections mean no servers in between you and your customer
  • Quantum Safe end2end encryption
  • RFID compliant
  • Routing not limited by Border Gateway Protocol


  • Guide every patient on a personalized care journey.
  • Collaborate across the entire healthcare ecosystem.
  • Use smart, real-time insights to win member trust.
  • Accelerate acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation.

Consumer Goods

  • Track the right product with the right store at the right time.
  • Get more information about sales, retail execution, and promotions.
  • Engage prospects, and turn consumers into returning customers.
  • Build custom apps that empower customers, consumers, and employees.


  • Exceed customer expectations with a solution designed for the digital-first insurer.
  • Urgency as the prioritizer for agents, by networking.
  • Be there for policyholders at a moment’s notice with real-time interactions from any device.
  • Give policyholders peace of mind with self-service capabilities for tracking claims.


  • Better Online streaming by routing over the underlying Internet.
  • Provide a personalized experience for every consumer, with metadata that matters.
  • Create stronger customer relationships with the right content at the right time.
  • Build deeper consumer relationships with ready to go mobile use.
  • Manage subscriptions, browse content, update profiles, and more.


  • Drive deeper engagement and boost innovation with the IoT and IoE.
  • Simplify the complex sales process, and improve margins with quote-to-cash functionality.
  • Provide personalized service with instant access and smart contracts to critical deals and data.


  • Loyalty programs made easy, distributed.
  • Tickets and luggage management improved by blockchain.
  • Bag tracking for customers