So why is QCoin discounted?

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Well, it all comes down to a belief system 🙂

The initial believers should be highest rewarded, and then the reward is lowered for each tier of proof added to the system.

So at the Initial tier the proof is the competence of the Team, system Architecture, product features, and a solid financial projection, that will need to form the base of belief or disbelief, and the believers should be rewarded with the maximum discount of 90%.

The ”seeing is believing” tier is the next group, they need to be able to ”test drive” the solution before the will join as believers, so they need that sweet sweet TestNet, they are still early believers and should, therefore, be rewarded with a grand 80% discount.

As the TestNet matures and features are added, the ”Is it useful” tier is opened and delivers starts joining in bigger amounts, they even if they are not the earliest of believers are still worth a reward of a super 60% discount.

”How do I benefit” tier, is the last tier before the MainNet is released, and is the last chance to buy in at a discounted price, at this point the discount is still at a whopping 30%.

90% discount until end of May 2019

80% discount until end of July 2019

60% discount until end of September 2019

30% discount until 02-02-2020

Believe and you will be rewarded


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