The Q1N Ecosystem

The network will provide the infrastructure necessary to implement Q1N’s digital services. These will be powered by Q1C and secured with our quantum encryption technology and will form the basis of a truly digital ecosystem for communications and financial services.


With many individual employees working off-location, or entire workforces sometimes dependent on distant computing infrastructures, the need for secure access to remote resources has never been greater. However, the number of cyber attacks endured by governments and private enterprises increases every year.


Q1N considers that one of the most valuable contributions of the Internet age is the ability to rapidly transport or share data. Be it for the exchange agreement contracts for a company’s next great deal, for remote collaboration between teams or to exchange messages, the net has revolutionized how we communicate to share information.


Build, connect and integrate apps with the only Quantum Safe transaction platform.


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Third-party Integration

Q1N will not be limited to the applications listed here. On the one hand, we have a pipeline of additional services to be streamlined between 2018 and 2020, which will continue to enhance the digital economy and finance upon the foundation of the network. On the other hand, we believe that individual developers and other enterprises should be able to contribute new ideas and approaches to the Q1N, as well as ensure their own services are well equipped to deal with for the threats of the post-quantum world. This approach will make the Q1N ecosystem a much richer environment both for service providers and customers.

Q1N’s third-party integration system will allow registered developers to build their own transaction layer on top of Q1N. The system will be 100% open to all who wish to build their applications on the Q1N platform. This way, third parties will be able to perform secure distributed transactions in the network. The developer will have control over which relay and exit nodes are used and will be able to ensure the compliance of their application with specific configurations and regulations.

Quantum1Net: Looking To The Future

The importance of the Internet for modern life cannot be underestimated. It is constantly forcing well-established paradigms, such as shopping, finance, communication or education, to evolve and adapt. The Internet is not only changing established industries though, it is also a space in which new ones emerge. Excellent examples of these include cryptocurrency and fintech, or the rising Internet of Things.

Fueling the power of the Internet is data, which is continually exchanged between different parties to execute transactions of many types, from monetary exchanges to video streaming. The Internet must protect its data and transactions from potential wrongdoers, to protect its own value and that of the resources invested in it. It must also ensure sustainability, both from an economic and an environmental perspective.

Q1N was founded to take on the mission of ensuring the security and continued viability of the Internet and its economic infrastructure. Our QEKG-based encryption will ensure that data is protected both from convention attacks and the rising threat of quantum computers. Our proof-of-contributing-work approach to cryptocurrency and blockchain will introduce a sustainable approach to crypto-economy, by avoiding the excessive waste of true value, such as electrical power, to generate digital value. We believe that on this foundation a true digital economy can be built, ready for a future where Internet access is easier and more widespread than ever before.