Rollie Peterkin Joins Team

 In Quantum1Net

We are pleased to announce that Rollie Peterkin will be joining the Quantum1Net team. Originally from the Boston area, Rollie currently resides in Tenerife. Rollie holds a degree from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Finance.

Rollie began his career on Wall Street where he worked as a corporate bond trader for the Royal Bank of Canada. He helped manage a portfolio of bonds for the bank and developed platforms to run daily profitability. He previously held internships across a broad scope of the financial world, from mutual funds to the New York Stock Exchange. Rollie will be bringing his experience in financial market to Quantum1Net on the cryptocurrency side.

Rollie was a two-time national champion wrestler in high school. In college he was ranked top 10 in the country at the Division 1 level. After leaving his Wall Street job, Rollie took his wrestling background to Lima, Peru in pursuit of his dream to become a professional mixed martial arts fighter. During his year in Peru, he held an undefeated MMA record of 5-0. He wrote about this experience in his book, The Cage: Escaping the American Dream. After Peru, he moved to Spain and worked as an English teacher for two years, in Madrid and Tenerife. He has traveled to over 50 countries and he speaks Spanish, as well as some Portuguese and Italian.

We are excited to bring Rollie’s eclectic set of experiences and skills to Quantum1Net.

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