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Welcome and thanks for your interest in Quantum1Net.

We would appreciate it if you could answer a few questions.
We will be asking for your email at the end of the quiz to be able to contact you.

Best Regards
Quantum1Net Team

1. A customer posts a complaint on our public Facebook page. If there’s truth to the complaint, how would you reply?
2. How do you usually strike up a conversation with a group of people you don’t know at a meetup event?
3. After reading up on our products/services? where do you think we can reach our target audience?
4. How active are you on social media ? 10 hours 20 hours 30 hours 40 hours, more the 40 per week?
5. How many posts / discussions about Q1N do you think makes sense for you to initiate or take part of during a week ?
6. Are you active on Reddit? BitCoinTalk? Facebook? Twitter? or even all of them ?
7. What makes an online conversation engaging?
8. Would a Quantum1Net great T-Shirt help at Meetup event?
9. What personality traits would you look for if you were interviewing someone for a brand ambassador job?
10. Do you go to Crypto/Blockchain meetups in your area ?
11. What part of the world do you live and what is your sex and age?
Quantum1Net will be in touch after review of the answers.
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