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Could you become an ICO millionaire?
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1. I do my research properly and study the proposed solution
2. I don’t only look at “hyped” projects
3. At what time a project is going to be listed on an exchange is not a major concern for an investment
4. When I get involved and invest in a project I go all in
5. When I get involved in a project, I work to bring the message out there to build interest
6. An ICO is more interesting to me if it is for a service or product I can use my self
7. An ICO is more interesting to me if it is innovative and have a WOW factor
8. I evaluate the team being 70% part of any future success, a solid team with experience in software deployment is a must
9. I think a graphically advanced website is important for me to invest in an ICO
10. If I go all in an a project I also get the T-Shirt and wear it with pride
11. From what continent are you?
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