What kind of crypto investor are You? The Trader, The Passionate, or The Funder


Answer 10 questions and find out!


The most important part about Crypto is that to create privacy from governments and corporations

2. An initial Coin or a Token do not need to announce an exchange for me to be interested, I look at the product
3. I spend a lot of time analyzing “candles”
4. ICOs are not interesting
5. The ICO philosophy is important
6. Without Open Source code I do not regard the project as being true “crypto”
7. If a project is interesting I can put in a small amount just to have a stake
8. I have more then once gone “all in “
9. All investments should have return in maximum 3 months
10. I have read the cypherpunk manifesto
11. Your new question!
12. From what continent are you?
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