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Welcome and thanks for your interest in Quantum1Net.

We would appreciate it if you could answer a few questions.
We will be asking for your email at the end of the quiz to be able to contact you.

Best Regards
Quantum1Net Team

1. A customer posts a complaint on our public Facebook page. If there’s truth to the complaint, how would you reply?
2. After reading up on our products/services? How do you think we can reach our target audience?
3. What kind of content do you produce? please provide links to published content?
4. In your opinion, how do we stack towards other crypto based solutions? Why would anyone prefer us over them?
5. What would you say are the most effective approaches for managing you? as the goal of Quantum1Net is that we are all successful!
6. What are your top three guiding principles in life?
7. Would you say you have a large following and actively reaches out to people?
8. How would you describe your social media persona? What types of things do you never post?
9. What makes an online conversation engaging?
10. What part of the world do you live and what is your sex and age?
Quantum1Net will be in touch after review of the answers.
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