Quantum1Net: The Why, The How, The What! Part #8

 In Quantum1Net’s Blockchain

Everything’s encrypted, All transferred data and the blockchain on Quantum1Net is protected by our own developed Quantum Safe encryption. At the network level, Quantum1Net Network uses the TCP protocol and all the data moved by this protocol is encrypted from the start of the data being transmitted.

The initial Join connection to Quantum1Net that a Node or Client makes is to a Quantum1Net Node1 server, one of a number of Nodes run by Quantum1Net to allow new machines to join, there is also a public node list that can be imported and used to join the network if the Node1 servers would for any reason be down.

The public keys for these boot servers are hard-coded into the Client software, so the communications between the network and the user are always encrypted, never in plain text. Clients and Nodes in the network get a list of addresses and public keys of other users to connect too. These connections are also encrypted from start.

Relay Node for Clients. To retain anonymity, the identity of a Client connecting to Quantum1Net must be obfuscated from the nodes that comprise it. For this reason, connections between Clients and Nodes in Quantum1Net always occur via Relay Nodes. A Relay Node knows the Client’s IP address and will allow it to connect to other nodes that are proving services (Service Nodes). The Service Nodes cannot see the Client’s IP address but they will know its public key (wallet address) and Relay info. Of course, the connections between the Client and the Service Nodes are fully encrypted with the Quantum1Net’s Quantum Safe encryption.


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The Relay Node is able to provide a service to the user, without the Service Node having any knowledge about the clients IP. The Nodes to which the Client is connected might know a little about what the User is doing on the network but they can only identify the User by wallet address and the Relay info and not their IP. In this way, complete anonymity is assured.




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