Quantum1Net: The Why, The How, The What! Part #7

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Trust Levels

For a Node to join the network it requires the IP address of a minimum of one other Node to connect to. For this purpose Quantum1Net provides a small number of bootstrap Nodes. These are internet-connected machines running the Node software. The public keys of the bootstrap servers are hard-coded into the Node’s binary, meaning that all communication is encrypted from the beginning.

A Node connects to other Nodes over a “Close to Metal” Input/Output library, sending out a message that it wants to join Quantum1Net. A Node that has an open spot may, depending on version number and response times, to allow the new Node to join.


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A node gains trust by two main factors, Uptime and Resources contributed over time,

Trust level – a measure of the trustworthiness of a node

Pruning – the action of Nodes leaving the Network, requiring a reorganization of relationships and responsibilities.

Group Elder – a node with voting rights. Elders are simply those nodes with the greatest Trust level in a Micro or macro signing groups.

Ignored – a Node can be ignored if the shared resources are not accessible in a given time ( to slow ), if the Node is under suspicion of malicious attempts ( bad behavior ) 

Blocked – a Node loses its stake and is blocked if multiple malicious attempts are detected in a given time frame.

Nodes must prove their worth (CPU, bandwidth, reliability) in order to earn trust, trust is earned over time. If that trust is lost, it must be re-earned. Only once a Node reaches a certain Trust level can it vote on consensus. As new Nodes must prove their worth before they can vote, targeting consensus in Quantum1Net is close to impossible.


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