Quantum1Net: The Why, The How, The What! Part #6

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The Creation, Merging or Removal of micro consensus clusters of Nodes happens in a fully autonomous way. The same goes for the routing of data across the network. No central servers or agents (like BitTorrent trackers) are needed to form this network. The Nodes follow a set of rules to create and maintain the network, requiring no central authority to oversee the proceedings. Nodes have profiles and service manifests to help them manage the various tasks and services. A Node Holder in Quantum1Net is called A Minter because the Nodes are where new Ⓠ coins are minted it is the point where they may earn payment for their efforts. 

The Client

Quantum1Net Quantum Computing

Quantum1Net Quantum Computing

Just as you don’t need to run a web server to use the Web, so you don’t have to run a Node to access Quantum1Net. Ordinary users interact with the network via the Client. This is a piece of software, that allows secure connection to the Nodes that constitute Quantum1Net while hiding the IP address of the user from the network itself.

Clusters are created in network areas to speed up consensus, so if there are 10000 Nodes globally but 5000 of those are based in NY, then a micro-consensus can be done in that network area as Quantum1Net’s consensus is based on a Proof of Work where the Work is network traffic, you can therefore verify that data IN matches the data OUT on every node, and through that each service manifest is payed for, so the minting and transactions has not been manipulated.

Consensus and network state 

A cluster of Nodes will always try to reach consensus among themselves before reaching out for global consensus. The most trusted 

Nodes in a cluster are called Tings*. Tings have voting rights and communicate with Tings in the global net. In Quantum1Net’s Blockchain information about the speed each Node is exchanging data is stored, both as a verification of the Proof of Work and as a way to chose best routing paths, but there is an additional benefit that makes the network even more resilient, as each Node hold a record of the state of Quantum1Net it allows the network to rebuild itself in the event of a major failure.







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