Quantum1Net: The Why, The How, The What! Part #5

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Three parts of the solution – Clients, Services and the Platform

The Quantum1Net Service Platform can be seen as a secure, encrypted layer that sits on top of the current Internet allowing for autonomous networking and thereby distributed and decentralized services.

The core of Quantum1Net is formed of Nodes. The Nodes are programs that people (Minters) run on their computers, connecting the devices to each other using existing protocols like TCP, UDP, and μTP. Nodes are what allows users to let the network to execute code on their devices, earning the Quantum1Net Coin ( Ⓠ Coins ). Nodes also manage the data and route it around the network, pass messages and ensure events occurring on the network are valid.

The Q1N Node

The Node software is a small piece of software that connects the user’s machine to Quantum1Net. It manages the data usage on the user’s computer and in that way it provides capacity to the network. It also routes and relays encrypted data chunks over the network making use of fully encrypted tunnels to other Nodes.

By routing and processing data, Nodes form the core of Quantum1Net. Nodes are clustered logically into groups, each of which is responsible for the mico-consensus of their own group.

Quantum1Net is comprised of its users’ machines, linked together by software. There are three main kinds of node: Client-Nodes, Relay-Nodes, and Service-Nodes. Client software allows users to access the network, while Relay-Nodes and Service-Nodes provide the capacity, routing, and data security functionality and a way of earning Ⓠ Coins. A single computer can be all types of Nodes at the same time.

Nodes – software that runs on users’ devices and communicates with other Nodes. Nodes also relay data in the form of encrypted chunks, for which they can earn Ⓠ Coins by Minting when that data is relayed or processed.

Client – a program that allows users to connect to the network and make use of its services.

Service – anything from normal websites to complex banking systems can run as services on Quantum1Net. The first two services being deployed is the DPN (Decentralized Private Network) a better VPN, and DezComp a decentralized computing solution.

Minting – the act of earning Ⓠ Coins by providing capacity, computation and bandwidth connections that make up the network

Ⓠ Coin – the currency of Quantum1Net, earned by relaying data, spent by using data, and otherwise exchangeable amongst network users.


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