Quantum1Net: The Why, The How, The What! Part #4

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The Internet is an autonomous decentralized data network that runs a non autonomous decentralized service platform (the World Wide Web) on top. The centralization of the World Wide Web has become much worse after the switch to cloud solutions as services have become focused at 28 major, and 57 total global locations. Also, as there are more then 10,000 ISPs globally we can quickly figure out that the data needs to move from these 10,000 ISPs to be sent or received.

Quantum1Net is an ‘

’. This does not only mean that anyone can deploy services on the platform but also that it is capable of managing and optimizing workloads, routing, system redundancy, authentication, access control, and other networking and computational tasks without hands-on from humans. The magic is in the code.

This is our world now, the world of the Internet, Encryption, Code and it will set us free.

autonomous decentralized service platform

autonomous decentralized service platform


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