Quantum1Net: The Why, The How, The What! Part #2

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The Internet has become a thing far from the one envisioned and created less then four decades ago. It is now an intricate part of most of our lives and will become even more so in the coming years through Smart Houses to Smart Cities to Internet of Everything. The final power of the Internet has probably only been predicted in science fiction books, but right now the Internet in all its glory is serving to centralize power, wealth and control. A few companies control more the 70% of online advertising spending, retailers such as Amazon are using their scale, political clout, and international footprint to destroy local competition creating a virtual monopoly in many areas. What’s more is these same companies are also the biggest providers of the cloud services that increasingly host all of our data. Everywhere you look it’s the same story: centralization, consolidation, homogenization and monopolization, the Internet that was envisioned as a free platform for anyone is no more.

Cloud Computing Q1N

Cloud Computing Q1N

The Internet is fantastic, but it can be so much better. By embracing the original vision Quantum1Net will set the Internet free from itself, the self that is censorship, propaganda, and central control that feeds on personal data. An overlaying autonomous decentralized service platform as an alternative to the server mafia run by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Decentralized so no data is stored or transmitted from or to a centralized server or data center, autonomous by sharing economy, scaling by a unified cryptocurrency earned by sharing and paid in to use services. It is therefore resistant to DDoS, malware, and hacking and it cannot be centrally co-opted and controlled by monopolistic corporate and government interests. As a platform, such a network could usher in whole new business models, just as the original Internet did.


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