Quantum1Net: The Why, The How, The What! Part #13

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Q1N Node Configuration

The Nodes that form Quantum1Net can be configured to have different functions, or a combination of functions, each function activated on the Node leads to a higher minting chance.

The Base function that all nodes have is monetary transactions plus routing and relaying of data, additional functions are, Gateway to ClearNet, computation (Ram and CPU), and storage.

For the gateway function there is a whitelist so that a Node holder can decide what parts(domains) of the Clearnet they are willing to share, there will be easy whitelist profiles to download.

The setup of the Node can be changed at any time but will cost a fee after the initial setup, and the minting will be on hold for 24 hours to make sure the network is fully reconfigured and the stop reckless ongoing reconfiguration’s that can create bottlenecks in the routing and transmission of data.

Amount of shared resources can be configured in node settings.

Basically, a node will always be doing monetary transactions and relaying data, and you will earn from that, but you can earn additional by configuring the node to share more resources.


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