Quantum1Net: The Why, The How, The What! Part #10

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On-Device-Encryption of data

When a Client communicates over Quantum1Net and transfers data, the data is On-Device-Encrypted in real time. So each packet is encrypted on the device, on the fly.

As the data is encrypted on the device, there can be no “skeleton key” for Quantum1Net, the data will ever only be readable by you and whom you chose to share it with. 

So you, the Client, retains the keys to decrypt the data locally on the Device. No private keys or passwords will ever leave a person’s computer or mobile phone. All communications in Quantum1Net uses Time-Keys so only the moment the data is transmitted is the moment the encryption keys are valid. 

Quantum1Net uses several layers of encryption to protect a user’s anonymity and privacy. Several extra layers are active when people use direct messaging or create a public profile. 

The network is as ‘zero knowledge’ as possible even to the extent that Node Holders cannot possibly figure out whose data they are relaying – even if it’s their own. 

By utilizing multiple levels of encryption as well as obfuscating the identity of its users after the entry node, Quantum1Net provides a Platform for Decentralized Services that is both Quantum Protected and anonymous by design.





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