Quantum1Net: The Why, The How, The What! Part #1

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Humans are fantastic, the passion, energy, and curiosity that leads to new innovations never cease to astound me. Each age we live in is truly the best age, thus our grandchildren will have a better life than us as we create machines and automate tasks that are dangerous and hurtful.

New barriers are constantly being broken, making life better for us all. Cloud and distributed computing (DezComp) was one of these barriers and we at Quantum1Net are taking that concept to a new level, making it autonomous by introducing a sharing economy to distributed networking and computing.  Earn from sharing unused resources on the Internet, think what Airbnb did with travel rental, and incentive and scaling through a Cryptocurrency.  As to have an easy cross-border scaling system paid in normal fiat currencies is nearly impossible, the incentive comes from that coins are released in to the network even if there are no revenues coming in, so that it makes sense to share resources from start.

The data transmitted in Quantum1Net is secured with the most advanced encryption techniques there are. Using Quantum Mechanics to generate perfect random numbers and use those for encryption at each sharing point, through this the users of the platform can be public or private, it is their choice. No third parties can introduce errors and it is, of course, a direct barrier for hackers that can not steal, corrupt or compromise data anymore. Through these features Quantum1Net will be invaluable to both existing and new coming online services, especially for services that are introducing solutions that could be life-threatening if there are failures or cyber attacks. For example remote surgery, self-driving cars, smart houses, smart cities, energy power grids, and other great solutions we believe are coming but cannot safely or economically be deployed on the existing Internet.


Right Now: You get 20 QCOINS for 1$, payment can be done with Card, Paypal or other cryptocurrencies 

  • Weekly status update.
  • Priority access to flash sales and offers.
  • Patterns to print your own T-Shirt
  • A T-shirt shipped to you if buy for 100$ or more


This is a Pre-TestNet Offer, equal to a 90% discount, 
and Only valid until TestNet released.


Quantum1Net will offer an alternative to the current solutions that are dominated by a small group of super-rich and powerful companies.

Through ciphers and sharing we can break the Status Quo that the Internet has become stranded in.



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