Quantum1Net Service Manifests Explained

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Service Manifests are the main building blocks of the Quantum1Net service Platform. As a decentralized service platform has no controlling point and it needs to be service agnostic, there is a need for a new solution on how services are deployed and maintained, the Service Manifest is a distributed encrypted instruction set, that is used to execute code on the wire and it can instruct and allow service to store data, send transactions even call on other Manifests to get other services involved. 

You can use Manifests to run services, execute code, run private chains for storage, even create complexed systems that can run complete smart cities. 

Thanks to the Quantum1Net manifest interpreter, the Manifests can contain mathematical rules and that can interpret policies that comes with a service, these policies defines actions as monetary transactions, read/write to public or private Blockchain, read data from sensors, it can even create new policies on the fly and communicate with other service Manifests that can be used for anything from running a normal web service to deploying a full game and use Quantum1Nets Decentralized Computing service.

Let’s say you have a smart house and there are 20 devices connected, and you are getting a guest over the weekend, and need to share the door access, limited to that timeframe, then the main service manifest is called up and is asked to generate a new temporary manifest with only access to the door for the weekend.

So a Service Manifests should be seen as service agreement between you and a service, a service manifest itself has a limited set of execution rules, that can be extended by accessing a decentralized computing service.


For more information about Service Manifests and their usage please read our smart city approach

LINK => https://quantum1net.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/quantum1net-smart-cities.pdf


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