QCoin Release Price Explained

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Of course, When Quantum1Net MainNet is goes live the market will set the price of QCoin, so all we can do right now is to set a base price based on predictive usage.

As DPN is our initial flagship product and it can easily be compared with a VPN service, as it is a ”better VPN”, we used DPN as a model for QCoin pricing.

Then to make DPN competitive, as we don’t want to build a service that no one uses and to take market shares quick, we want to have an aggressive competitive pricing, but not so cheap that it is not worth it for the node holders.

In 2016 the global VPN market generated about $15B in revenue, and lets say that our goal is to take 5% of that market during 2020, so a cool $750M, but to be competitive we need to be at half price and half price of the lowest player, so will it still be worth it for node holders?

Let’s do some math :).

Our goal is to have the perfect ”Pay-as-you-Go” pricing for DPN, so no locking in over time to get a better price, just a one straight price.

We did the research and figured out that the lowest you can get any Quality VPN is about $5 and as we want to be aggressively competitive, we said – lets put DPN at half of that.

$2.5 per month and to make that easy to calculate on we made QCoin an integer based on that pricing, so 5 QCoins equals $2.5.

And there you have it, the value for QCoin is at MainNet release $0.50.

But what about the Node holders, what do they get? Well the 750M in revenue will be needed to be split, to achieve the aggressive competitive pricing, so $375M will be generated by DPN in 2020 if we together can achieve our goal of a 5% market share.

And a minimum of 90% will be distributed to the Node Holders. 


For each decentralized service released on Quantum1Net,

the revenue and the value will go up!


So why is QCoin discounted?



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