Q1N’s DPN Solution – Privacy in the Digital Age isn’t an issue anymore

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Much has been written about this vital matter, which has followed online data transmission from its beginnings. At this point in the timeline we can safely say that we are at a point where data has become GOLD and mining for this data in the BIG DATA network, can be extremely good for ones pocket.

The Dilemma Has Been Unravelled

Decentralized Private Network

Decentralized Private Network

As an online marketing professional, one should know and know how to read, EVERYTHING can be measured. There are so many tools revolving around the online marketing world, that allow website analysis with a simple click of the mouse, pad or screen. So how can the users feel their activities online and geo-location isn’t misused?

Yes! There are laws that are being updated and that give the user more control over their online privacy; but! As it’s professionally known in the online marketing industry, the main economic driving force of the internet is the Ads.

It’s pretty obvious, the issue lays on how technology has developed and produced an amazing array of tools. Helping CMs, SEOs, SEMs, SMOs and a few other marketers positions, to track down BIG DATA and use it in favour of the benefit of the company.

Such practices have recently been questioned and put to trial, e.g. Facebook and Cambridge data misuse or the new 25th May 2018 legislation on data protection in the EU territory. Unfortunately not every user worldwide has the time, budget or interest to go through the new agreements details. Having a specialized lawyer on these matters is unrealistic for most.  

Laws cost money and individuals don’t usually have on their payroll a lawyer to check through their online accounts’ updates on privacy issues. Yes, I agree we should, but we don’t…maybe in a ‘Brave New World’ we will. At present only global companies can manage an army of lawyers to protect their business.    

The VPN Solution a Dying Solution

You can register into a VPN and hide your IP Address. Does this really work? Sure! It works alright, but the issue is with, not just VPN, but the whole Internet and its underlying protocols. Something built over a decade ago with no real updates is bound to have flaw.  The whole protocol has an expiry date. Sooner than imagined with Quantum computers now on the horizon.

Therefore Virtual Privacy Networks (VPNs) won’t be able to reassure their users of security. Even at present, the VPNs are not 100% secure. Imagine when powerful Quantum Computers start to come into action. How can governments, healthcare, banks or businesses tackle such an issue, let alone everyday internet users?

The DPN Solution a Rising Solution

By registering into a DPN (Decentralized Private Network), you achieve the freedom of using a private routing strategy making the data flow better and stabler. Even data coming from or sent from unstable areas. This means you’ll surf the web through a free and safe highway, while the rest are stuck in a constant traffic jam that is open and unsecure.

Therefore DPN, is on the rise, a platform that doesn’t depend on servers to store data. At the sametime it’s quantum safe with a truly random block. Speed, Safety and Anonymity, inside a service platform that at present doesn’t have an expiry date.   

Decentralized Private Network (DPN) Quick Description  

As we all know, the Internet of Everything (IOE) is HUGE, billions of computers, people, servers, devices, and objects that are interconnected and combined into one giant network globally without a single center. This massive web is thought of as the World Wide Web.

In this universal virtuality, DPN provides its innovative call to action where a number of nodes within a network, defined by its capability of a temporary overlay to the network. As it is not rigid or fixed, it exists dynamically, “on demand”, precisely for a given user and lives only for as long as that connection is needed.

The distributed private network “DPN” uses a network entirely in a new way to make dynamic unique one-time connections (“OTC”) for each connection request, which only exist for as long as a user requires it.Q1N

So the Q1N DPN OTC is invisible to all other participants on the Internet and Quantum encrypted making it impossible to either intercept or read the data being transmitted within it. Once the transmission is terminated, so is the overlay and all data that was transmitted will be inaccessible to everyone.

All data is transmitted directly between sender and receiver and is only piece stored on local devices or local data centers. Even invisible to Bots, Viruses, Trojans and hackers, which inhabit the Internet. They simply cannot attack you, when using the Q1N DPN because you do not “exist” for them.

DPN also provides VPN IP Address masking, making your identity even more secure. This new privacy product is the future today. Bringing environmentally friendly methods of action, where there’s no need for expensive servers to proceed. No need to cool-down the beasts, there’s no beasts to cool-down.  


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