#Q1N Status Report

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Supporters and Friends,

a lot has happened since the last update.

#Bitcoin is having a run, ETH and LTC are tagging along, things are bright in Crypto land. [ The future so bright, got to wear shades 🙂 ]

Facebook has released a white paper and a Blockchain spec for the Libra Coin,

nothing revolutionary:

#Smart Contract VM is ByteCode based

#Quantum Attack Vectors not protected

#Underlying assets through banks


And always remember the CyperPunk manifesto,  “We cannot expect governments, corporations, or other large, faceless organizations to grant us privacy out of their beneficence.”

It is though cool that #LibraCoin is coded in Rust, #LoveRust


On presenting Quantum1Net we have been quite active.

We were over at #Satellite2019 and spoke about how IoT deployments, such as smart cities, needs to be made more secure using Blockchain, decentralization and Quantum Protection.

That was followed with an intense week in New York for the #NYBlockchainWeek with the#ConsensusConf, where the most discussions were about how crypto can be made mainstream.

After NY we traveled up the Toronto, Canada for the #Collision conference where we focused on presenting to #Banks and IoT Providers.

We spoke at #BlockerCon about how the core of the Internet is #decentralized and how the centralization that is the Internet today, can be decentralized and more secure with #Blockchain and #Quantum1Net.

So for all you supporters, if you know any Heads of Innovation we would love an introduction, presenting the Quantum Protected and Decentralized future that Quantum1Net stands for is what we live to do.


Live long and prosper 🖖


PS: remember that you can buy QCoins with $, €, BTC, LTC, and ETH athttps://Q1N.quantum1net.com/shop/

PPS: You will be getting an email about the Ymir (TestNet v0.1) release later this week, so keep your eyes open for that.

PPPS: You are all Diamond 💎💎💎🙏



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