Q-Coin, the green revolutionary crypto currency

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Q-Coin, the green revolution

Have you thought about earth lately? You may have admired some shades and hues spurting from its bosom, or even taken inspiration from the tranquillity, nature can offer – a pleasurable tactile experience. A feeling that is timeless, but is in dire danger. The Q-Coin is here to help the crypto scene be green!

Currently, it is becoming very difficult not to think about the earth. Especially with recent protests taking place on the streets of London. People of every race, age and social strata are unifying for the sole purpose of ‘climate change’.

Earth Day, pushing GREEN forwards

Climate change activists have been gathering for several weeks regardless of the multiple arrests. Which have mounted to over a thousand, due to voicing their concerns. They are calling on the government to “tell the truth about climate change”. Pushing for UK greenhouse gas emissions to be slashed to zero by 2025.

This protest became a sensational backdrop for this year’s Earth day – an annual celebration marked since April 22 1970. Even some celebrities decided to add their voices towards climate change. Aquaman star, Jason Momoa, who shaved off his famous beard to draw awareness on recyclable aluminium. Sharing his thoughts on Instagram about the health of the planet.

He was not alone! Rapper and comedian, Lil Dicky also joined in with a slew of top celebrities including, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande among others, in a 7 minute Earth video which ended on an eerie note; “twelve years left to turn things around”.

What’s hurting the earth?

CO2 is the leading cause of greenhouse effects and it is beginning to leave devastating scars on earth. Other gases such as methane and nitrous oxide released through man-made activities, pale in comparison to the amount of CO2 generated by global industrialization.

The  emissions of CO2 through burning fossil fuels, alongside the effect of deforestation are painting a bleak future for the next generations.

As for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it’s time they come to terms with how they are further harming the earth. When in 2017, Bitcoin was estimated to have produced 69 million metric tons of CO2, Forbes labeled the revolutionary technology as; The Nail In The Coffin Of Climate Change.

Bitcoin has been the pioneer cryptocurrency herald, in the much needed revolution of finance. However, its various shortcomings such as scalability, speed and cost of mining, have proven to be Eco damaging; resulting in its less desirability. Now a solution is offered, with a promise to truly revolutionize without grave Eco consequences; the Quantum1Net Q-Coin.

Why the Quantum1Net Q-Coin?

Quantum1Net cares about the Earth, the revolution of the decentralization of finance and about future generations. Its a Blockchain driven Service Platform, that is empowering the crypto economy, supported entirely by its users. Services are based on Proof-of-Contributing-Work instead of Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work algorithm which is the cause of large scale energy consumption in cryptocurrency mining.

The Quantum1Net utility Q-Coins will be minted in the transaction process. Minting is designed to meet up with the rate of public adoption as Q1N’s Quantum safe, smart homes and smart city services are leveraged. Quantum1Net is continuing the revolution, taking over from where Bitcoin failed and placing YOU first by thinking about the planet WE live in.

Do you want to be part of the revolution?

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