My Two Major Short Term Future Predictions

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Short Term = Two to Four years.

  1. Quantum Computers will come and go retail much much much earlier then anyone thought, so data encryption and cryptography will need to see a huge update, this is bigger than the Y2K bug, way, way bigger, the hacking capabilities of Quantum Computers are incomparable with anything we have now.

  2. IoE (Internet of Everything) is soon here, we will see everything connected, new cheaper and smaller IoT devices are released continuously, so soon we will hit that sweet price/value point and there will be no question anymore, we will see things that make sense to have connected and things that make absolutely no sense to have connected.


So what do these two predictions lead to? any conclusions?

We need Quantum Computer Enhanced Hacking solutions, ALL should be looking at this, as without Quantum Protection no data stored or used is safe, ALL DATA IS AT RISK.
Internet of Everything will lead to unheard amounts of data needing to be transmitted, processed and shared, today’s centralized data systems are not ready for this task. Instead, distributed and decentralized systems are perfect for managing these amounts of data and processing.
The future of the Internet is great, to Quote the late David Bowie “We have only seen the tip of the iceberg”.


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