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As we’re nearing the stage of TestNet and things might get a touch interesting. It is time for the new blockchain aka Yggdrasil. We thought we might introduce Quantum1Net’s (Q1Ns) Blockchain – Yggdrasil. In a KISS (Keep It Super {Stupid, some might say} Simple) way. For those who might not have had the time to read the papers.

There are a few basic questions we would like to answer. This is because we believe they can aid in the understanding of the DeSP (Decentralized Service Paltform). With no further ado, let us begin.


What is a blockchain – KISS


A blockchain is a technology that came to birth with the Bitcoin, enabling a P2P (Peer to Peer) network to exist globally. This was possible due to the KISS fact that a blockchain is just a technological ledger, thus a place to write down, transactions.

These might be due to business, family and friends. The great thing about it, and here we are being really KISS, is that it is immutable and open source. Unlike an accountant or a private technological ledger, where the accountant can be bribed and the private ledger isn not open to all or immutable. The new blockchain, Yggdrasil is.


What can you do with Quantum1Net’s Blockchain – Yggdrasil?


KISS, as a ledger you might not need explanations, but there are some that have to be presented. Q1Ns new or next generation blockchain. Is not a monologue buried in the crypto market, it is a DeSP that provides direct services. Such a Decentralized Private Network (DPN), that can aid in running the business on a day to day basis. Permitting you to surf the web, contact on a P2P structure and be invisible for ALL.

We will not enter into too much technicality, for those who are interested in more depth learning (Quantum1Net’s Blockchain Yggdrasil – An Overview). Another service that Q1N offers is a quantum secure ecosystem. So, yes! When quantum computers come to business, if you are in Q1Ns ecosystem, you don not need to worry, we have a quantum shield to protect us.

Again, no in depth research, here we KISS, if you want to know more (Q1Ns Quantum Security). Let us carry on. With a DPN service, (For those who don’t know it is a better VPN. If you have not heard about a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can read our DPN [Decentralized Private Network] website page.), that is quantum safe and works under blockchain technology.

Quantum1Net wants to open new, or let us say forgotten paths, on the Internet that are (and were) decentralized. Bringing the Internet to ALL parts of the world and providing a truly WorldWideWeb. An internet that has no giants forcing us to eat information through a marketing funnel, that resembles geese feeding.

The above are a few KISS examples of what Q1N’s DeSP, under next gen Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency driven (Q-coin). Can offer your enterprise, your family and your friends.


Why such an amazing technology hasn’t seen mainstream?


Good question, which can not be answered in a blog post, what can be said is as in many other areas, bad actors (smart too), took advantage of this incredible Sci-Fi technology…and burst the bubble! At present the potential is there and companies, businessmen and governments are investing or testing the technology.

KISS all revolutions take their time and their toll, where there is honey, there are bees and as good as the bees might be, they can sting; and it hurts! So the questions is can you pay the toll, can you take the pain and last but not least…are you a dreamer, if you have all these qualities. Why not join the ride and be the firsts to write down the first block in Q1Ns blockchain Yggdrasil?


What about the scalability problem, sibila attacks or 51% attacks in the blockchain?


Thought that was answered, well, maybe in a too much KISS way, so yes Q1Ns blockchain is QS (Quantum Safe), attacks are not impossible but practically. Decentralization will provide the scalability desired to be a competitive service and be of market value.

Want more information on these subjects, you can read the papers linked above and then follow to, Q1N’s Quantum Random Number Generator, Q1Ns Key Exchange Protocol or Quantum1Net’s EcoSystem. Bring your enterprise to the future, a future that is built with the aid and belief of all in the chain.

Blockchain 3.0 Yggdrasil

Does Quantum1Net have more services?


Q1N is an ecosystem created by innovators and as thus, the future is looking bright we will be entering the Cloud business with our DezComp (Decentralized Computing). KISS as AirBnB or Uber, by sharing our computer’s memory, like rooms in AirBnB or cars in Uber.

Our future looks into space and the challenges that it presents us. The blockchain technology and its decentralized, open source and immutable performance, can provide swarms of robots to adventure into space.

We are also adapting the technology to suit the IoT and IoE, to provide services for Smart Cities and Homes. So I suppose we do have more services and who knows what the future will bring, the one thing we can say is that the more dreamers we are the more incredible services we can create.


Final thoughts KISS – the new blockchain aka Yggdrasil


KISS the blockchain 3.0 is about to be born. We would like y’all to join our revolutionising decentralized service platform to change the path of the internet into one we can ALL relate to. A place to communicate on a P2P basis that provides you with security and privacy for years to come.

One more thing, we would like to thank all the people that make possible the concentrations of mind, business and innovation. Concentrations such as Satellite, Collision Conf or Blockercon and future ones like Money20/20 (Q1N at Las Vegas).

Want to start right now with the revolution? Go to Pre-order Quantum1coin, if  you are quick you will find some interesting discounts. DON NOT MISS OUT!!

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