Is there shame in believing in crypto ?

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It is seen as Monopoly money and that it is valuable is just crazy, they don’t get it, and we try to explain, over and over.

And it makes sense… It is crazy monopoly money,

BUT direct peer2peer payments and cross-border scalability are fantastic innovations, there has never been a truly global payment solution before.

There are a few extremely complex and expensive systems in place today, but if you need to use a lot of different currency’s to conduct your business you need a currency trading license.

Crypto can solve these issues, the shaming comes from unclear use cases.

Initially, Bitcoin was used as a donation vehicle, then as an anonymous way to do online purchases, and then the big trading boom happened, and new Crypto started popping up like mushrooms.

Expressions like ”To the Moon” and ”When Lambo” came to be, Dogecoin became a real thing, and that was the nail in the coffin, as they even say that they are monopoly money.

So how can we get out there and defend ourselves against Crypto Shaming, what can we do?

When the markets are going up like crazy, then we might be crazy, but we are the smart crazies, the early believers, and hailed as gods.

As the market plummets or just even stabilize we seen as crazies again.

Here is the thing, what we should be doing is realizing that for online services Crypto is perfect. Think about it, Crypto needs the Internet, what we need is a Crypto run Internet, a borderless, trustless, autonomous Internet.

Then and only then will Crypto start making sense to everyone, and Crypto Shaming goes away and maybe instead Fiat Shaming becomes a thing.

Let’s work together to stop Crypto Shaming – No more Lambos, No more Moon.

Instead, let’s talk borderless instant payments and an Internet for the future.




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