Is it worth investing in decentralization projects ?

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Let’s analyze this, the two biggest companies in revenue and centralization on the Internet is Google and AWS so let’s just focus on decentralization of search and hosting.

Google has risen to riches by a fault in the World Wide Web, that fault was that it was created in a centralized way from start, there were other solutions suggested that where decentralized, but they did not have a cool name, anyway Sir Tim has said that he is sorry for screwing up the Internet, so let’s move on.

The index of World Wide Web pages that Google owns and uses to find us pages, is also used to feed us advertising and that generates a lot of money, a decentralized solution would still need tools to manage the advertising placement as if you don’t need to spend your marketing budget on search you will want to spend it on websites, so advertising tools to manage ad injection on decentralized web pages should be a huge investment opportunity.

Cloud hosting services should be the biggest opportunity in decentralization, as there are no limits to what can be optimized with a distributed and shared system, and cheaper through an AirBnB model where unused resources are monetized, and the market sets a price.

In a fast calculation, cloud hosting and VPN business have yearly revenue of 30 billion.

So yes! decentralization projects that are focusing on the right things are worth investing in.

But remember to do your own research, and never invest more then what you can afford to lose.

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