Is 6G going to be 5G plus low orbit satellite connection?

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Sputnik-1 the first satellite launched on 4 October 1957


Im guessing that in the labs at companies like Ericsson and AT&T the discussion about how to make the internet more accessible globally started some time ago, or even before 5G was fully finished.

Through its dynamic spectrum use, the 5G standard, covers the useful spectrums for the handheld devices we call cellphones, so the next logical step would be to look upwards. 

Low orbit satellites have fallen in price drastically with new innovations, so thinking that we soon can see an infrastructure based in space is not that farfetched and then focusing on making that infrastructure connect directly to our phones is the path forward in our journey to get everyone globally to be able to access the Internet. 

Multiple players are deploying low orbit satellite internet solutions for testing during 2019, most famous of these is Elon Musk’s Starlink, an SpaceX venture. Most promising of these is the OneWeb project, that is starting their tests in Alaska soon. 

But all of these solutions are in the end basically proprietary, and global manufacturers and system providers seldom chose to deploy on not standardized solutions. So there will be a need for the development of a global ”6G” standard.

As conclusion, the future of the Internet infrastructure is looking great, fantastic even, so any products or services based on the Internet is going to have growing market potential and user acquisition possibilitys. 

Now just to solve the loming issues regarding centralization of data, privacy, security, Quantum Computer Enhanced Hacking, and data misuse, before the Internet Infrastructure loses its value to click factories, fake accounts, and shadow campaigns. 

PS: last days events on 6G forced me to write this 🙂 




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