Internet traffic Explained in an easy way.

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The question comes up now and then, I believe that a lot of confusion comes from that people see the World Wide Web as “the Internet”, while the WWW really is a service provided over the Internet. 

So to make this really simple we break down the Internet in to three layers, and start at the bottom.

Layer Three is where we users enter the Internet, it is where our phone, our WiFi is connected to the Internet and it is where our requests to the Internet is done, ISPs are your layer three, and each layer three Network is, in its own geographical area, small.

As your request enters the Internet it is looking for the host server of the information or data you requested, these host serves are more 90% based in layer two of the Internet and layer two is in most cases country based, as that is how the Infrastructure been built. 

Layer one is international backbone connections that binds the layer two networks of the world together. Quantum1Net DPN (Decentralized Private Network), will work around these static connections and create a truly open and unrestricted internet.


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