Internet Security threatened by the rise of IT Nukes

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Internet Security threatened by the rise of IT Nukes aka Quantum Computers

Many would say that this sort of title is Sci Fi and to be taken lightly. Indeed, it can be taken lightly, the fact is that there are still no real functioning Nukes (Quantum Computers). This is the reality. Another reality and fact is that there is a race at present, no secret, to produce the first functional quantum computer.

This isn’t the place to discuss how Quantum Computers and its environment works, if you wish to learn more you can check our blog, e.g. Classical Computing vs Quantum Computing. This out of the way, let’s continue.

Mapping Quantum Computing Functionality

In relation to the actual mapping of Quantum Computing evolution, toward functionality, we can say that one of the main problems ahead is stabilizing the qubit. In other words, keeping the superposition and entanglement in the qubit alive. At present the life span of a qubit is counted in minutes. So yes, there is a path to travel yet and quantum computers won’t be in your homes next year, in 5 years or 10 years. The idea of having a quantum laptop is Sci-Fi, so let’s not create false expectations.

Going to the realm of enterprises, governments, banking or healthcare, a change can be observed, big enterprises and governments will be able to obtain a functional quantum computer in the coming years. Here’s where the alarm has to be set.

Businesses, to keep a competitive level, always have to be one or two steps in-front of the ‘crowd’. Thus, some simple mathematics indicates that innovative and future enterprises, governments, healthcare, banking, to add the ones with the most risk of attacks. Should be taking into serious consideration the use of Quantum Safe services, eluding the future IT Nuke attacks.

Are we the only ones concerned? Unfortunately not. CEOs of globally influencing enterprises are acting upon this market ‘reality’, informing of the necessity of investing in quantum security, now. Our services provide such a security.


Take the above into account when planning your next security and privacy contract or if you’re at the stage of adding a security service to your business, government or healthcare institution. Life moves very fast and if we don’t stop once in a while to check the landscape, we can miss many incredible creations around us. Use time to study these future services, so you can agree or not agree to invest in quantum security, via an educated decision. We’re happy to help in any way possible.

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