In Plain Sight

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In Plain Sight

There is so much information out there on the Internet. Information about anything and everything; including you. Not just your personal preferences, or passwords, but maybe even the newly settled dust on your shoes.

Certainly there is too much information out there and it is not uncommon to hear sensational news about data breaches involving several thousands of people, almost every year. Neither is it any secret that big firms harvest data of Internet users for their own profits, and if this is not enough, Google topple the privacy invasion tier with its ‘my activity’ service which hosts all the history of its users forever. Yes, your Google history stays permanent.

Could this get any more stranger than fiction? It sure gets as the EU announced its draconian article 13.

EU announces Article 13?!

The new directive is actually a well-intended copyright laws for guarding intellectual property on the Internet. The amendments require websites and search engines to own licenses for any content uploaded on their website or filter copyrighted material such as movies, images and songs.

However, this move has lead to mass protest where concerned people see it as a stifling move  on the vibrant and creative community built online – what will happen to the to people with websites not as big as Facebook or Google, what will happen to users like you? German MEP for the Pirate party, Julia Reda voice, her opinion “dark day for internet freedom”.

Taking back control

Have you considered putting yourself in control of your online data? Before another strict law is implemented or the next breaking news about some major data breaches. If so, you may want to consider a safe and secure solution, a solution just like what Quantum1net’s intrinsic coin is offering.

Quantum1Net’s Cryptocurrency – The Q-Coin

With Q-coin you become the sole owner of your data, it puts you in charge of your online privacy, whilst you enjoy the canopy of anonymity. A solution built on an immutable blockchain and tamper proof technology is the most secure option you want. Quantum1net  services will fit your security needs by providing secure DPN services. The DPN (Distributed Private Network) is designed to act as a second layer on the network. Providing a secure temporary overlayer which makes you invisible to Bots, Viruses, Trojans, and hackers, simply because you do not “exist”.  Q-coin wipes your worries and with Quantum1net DPN, you become safe no matter where you are living. Your life to the fullest on the Internet in plain sight!

Join the community, Pre-order Q-Coins and enjoy the benefits of being an early adopter.

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