Human decentralized work system.

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A Humsys could function like this, someone creates measurable work, and a crypto coin is minted after a certain amount of work has been verified on a blockchain.

One technical possible implementation would be to use smartphones as input, let’s say we create a Humsys for weight loss, where one work function is that if you run 10000 steps you will receive a ULose coin. 

There could be a Humsys developed for monitoring borders, time spent, detected potentials, position, can all be incentive factors. 

The Humsys would need the normal computerized decentralized nodes, that verifies and signs transactions in a trust less manner, and sorts out bad actors. The input of the human nodes will be the weak link, but that can be solved by using dedicated hardware, but preferably by personalized code on existing devices.

The benefits of a Humsys are multiple, take for example Border Monitoring, when we are talking about border control on blockchain and automated systems creating higher security, that only works for people or goods that have papers, we are not taking in to account the people and goods that move across borders without papers. 

To stop illegal movement of people and goods, borders need to be monitored, and for areas where government monitoring is lacking there needs to be an incentive system for private people to support. 

The system needs to be trustless, not just one more system when money is donated to an organization that is trusted to share the money, as we have no clue about their agenda for that money once we have handed it to them. 

So a Humsys needs to be trustless, realtime and transparent. What is happening needs to be seen instantly without interference.

All support or incentives are autmaticly  managed in an autonomous way on a blockchain, and all changes to the protocol that controls the blockchain will be controled by a consensus of the people the holds the coin, so the protocol is protected by capitalism and not socialism.

There are no implementations Humsys yet, but maybe this is the way for all future work, anyway we believe that Humsyses will changed the world for the better, if it is for Border Monitoring for illegal people and goods or to help people lose weight or become better at their golf swing don’t matter, we need to make the world a better place in any way we can. 

What do you think? 

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