How to build a portfolio in a dip!

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I hear people asking things like “who are the people investing in crypto and ICOs, the market is so low”

Well, would that not be the smart people? When the market is low, it is time to get involved and learn, make small bets, some stable old school coins, and then a few dark horses and lastly some New Coins or Tokens.

New Coins are your longest bet, look at it is like a parallel of an IPO where a new stock is released to the public and nothing guarantees that the Stock will go up on release, all investors in an IPO will work hard to make sure the IPO gets a lot of attention, we are talking 1000s of people on phones for weeks, drumming up interest for the stock.

When you get into a new Coin or Token don’t lean back and think, “now I wait for the exchange too open”.

No! You need to get involved, get out there and drum up interest, discuss in forums, reach out to groups, make flyers, get the T-Shirt, what the hell print your own T-Shirt, as a new Coins value, just as an IPO stock value, is derived from the interest it can drum up.

So remember the three parts of the portfolio.

Stable = slow moving coins,

Dark horse = coins that are on the market but are undervalued and can take off fast,

New Coin = get involved

The smartest people are investing now and building their portfolios, and having fun with it, Crypto is a community, dive in, I think you will like it.


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